What is an adjustable ball mount?

An adjustable ball mount gives you the flexibility of multiple ball sizes and enables you to make height adjustments to keep your trailer level. This reduces the risk of an accident and minimizes the strain on your trailer and hitch.

The ball mount is the part of the hitch system that connects the hitch ball to the trailer coupler when towing from the bumper.

If you want to tow a boat one day and landscaping equipment the next day. The trailer you use probably won’t be the exact same height. Then they may require different sized ball mounts. That’s when an adjustable ball mount comes in handy. Just make the necessary height adjustment and use the ball size that fits.

But what do you do when you don’t want to tow anything? Which is probably most of the time?

An adjustable ball mount hitch provides height adjustments in one-inch increments. It can be rotated 180 degrees to provide additional rise if needed. While most adjustable ball mounts provide two ball sizes, the adjustable ball mount has the option of providing three. Just rotate the ball to the size you need.

What makes the adjustable ball mount truly unique is the ability to stow the ball mount under the vehicle. If you’ve ever whacked your shin on a ball mount hitch, you know what a valuable feature this is.

Instead of removing the hitch every time you want to use your truck for something other than towing, simply stow it away in about a minute. The adjustable ball mount locks into the receiver tube. So you can stow it away and not worry about someone stealing your hitch.

To switch the hitch ball, simply remove the pin holding the balls in place and rotate the entire block that the balls are mounted on until the ball you want to use is on top. Then replace the pin to secure the block in place.

Adjusting the height of the ball is just as easy. Remove the pins holding the ball mount platform in place and slide the platform up or down along the shank to the desired position. Once you have found the correct height, reinsert the pins and replace the clips.

When you’re not towing, you can flip the ball mount platform around and stow it beneath your hitch so that you won’t bang your shins. Just remove the pins to slide the ball platform down along the channel and up the back side. So that the adjustable hitch balls face towards your vehicle. Then replace the pins.