Valley Trailer Hitches Review

Valley trailer hitches offer various hitches most suitable to your requirements. They offer more then just your standard Class hitch, but also offer fifth wheel hitches and gooseneck hitches for your big trailer needs. Amongst these hitches is the ever popular fifth wheel hitches.

These specific hitches are excellent when needing to tow or haul heavy duty cargo as they are specifically designed to lug around heavy weights. Choosing the best valley trailer hitches for your needs are easy if you know what exactly it is that you want your hitch to do.

The Valley company also offers you the gooseneck trailer hitch at affordable pricing. They are usually a few hundred dollars but some have the option of an installation kit included in that price.

About Valley

Valley Industries is California-based company has been providing the best Trailer Hitches and Ball Mounts on the market for over 60 years. Founded in 1947, they first started making hitches for California farmers. Since then, Valley has expanded their operations across 48 states and opened many authorized dealer.

Valley’s consistency of quality doesn’t make their products any less innovative. Valley has remained ahead of the curve in terms of efficiency and safety for years.

Every Valley Trailer Hitches is built on over six decades of engineering experience. The company’s savvy design team is keenly aware of the needs of their customers. That’s why every single one of their hitches, towing systems, and hitch accessories is tested to withstand daily wear and meet the high quality standards of towing enthusiasts.

Valley Trailer Hitches Industries Products

Over the years Valley Industries has added just about every towing and hitch accessories. Include trailer balls, adjustable ball mounts, tow hooks, wiring harnesses, and variety of brake controllers.

Currently we only find valley trailer hitches product on the market.

Valley 82270 Class III/IV Receiver Hitch

Valley Multi-Fit Receiver Hitch have a towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds for carrying weight and a weight distributing capacity of up to 10,000 pounds. They have been designed for full-size pick-up vehicles and mount on the frame of the vehicle. They are popular as multi-fit receivers because they can be used with Class III as well as Class IV hitches.

So if you are intending on installing the hitch yourself you should opt for that option. Make sure you have the right trailer to accommodate a gooseneck hitch as only a few specific types of trailers can accommodate these sorts of hitches.

The trailer will need to be the kind that has an area in the front which sticks out in front of the trailer. If your trailer does not have that capability you should look at investing in a hitch extension. The valley trailer hitch can offer you much required relief when towing around whatever items you wish to tow. If you intend on hauling very heavy items like for instance an RV or other forms of campers you should definitely invest in a weight distribution hitch.

These are able to create a movement between the vehicle and the object being hauled and will ensure that weight is distributed evenly. This will ensure that no accidents occur whilst on the road.

Choosing a hitch can be an easy task. You should always know the maximum capacity of weight your vehicle can accommodate. If you are able to bare that in mind you should not have any problem with making the right decision to suit your requirements.

If you are intending on going camping and need something to tow your large camper across country you should check what the people at Valley trailer hitches have to offer. In the end you want a wonderful stress free road trip experience free of any problematic instances.

Always remember that it might be better to have your hitch properly installed by professionals than having to install it yourself. You never know just what might happen and by having it installed by the pros you can rest assure that the unforeseen problems are significantly reduced.

There are also various accessories that you are able to purchase for your valley trailer hitch. For instance an extension will offer you more cargo capacity if you are driving one of those vehicles where the spare tire is fitted on the outside of the vehicle. This way you stay clear of the tire and you will still be able to reach the tire should the accident of a flat tire occur.

You can never be too careful when choosing the right hitch for your car as the safety of you and your family as well depend on it. By regarding valley trailer hitches as your main option you will be assured of excellent quality at reasonable prices.