The Newest Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier Review

A good hitch mounted cargo carrier will allow you to haul more stuff when you head out on your next vacation trip. Hitch cargo carriers are easy to hook up, a great way to save space, and the newest models are capable of carrying hundreds pounds of gear. Take a look at these new various models and makes of these hitch mounted cargo carrier to see which style will suit your car best.

It is very important that you check what kind of hitch cargo carrier is compatible with your vehicle. You will have to check what the maximum weight is your car is able to pull. By doing so you will get the best hitch cargo carrier suited for you.

What To Look For In A Good Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier?

There are many things to consider when buying for a hitch cargo carrier, including capacity, materials, design and price. Then we’ll take a look at some the newest model of hitch mounted cargo carrier on the market today.


As the only reason for buying such a device is to increase storage space, bigger will almost always mean better.

Normally, if you’re going to transport heavy cargo, you want not only durable and sturdy racks but also high weight capacity. Your carriers should be able to hold between 400-600 pounds. However, it’s important to note that although some manufacturers state that their luggage carriers can carry up to 500 pounds, not all of them actually can.


The type of the material that the hitch mounted cargo carrier is made of is another important things to consider when shopping for a quality cargo carrier. This is because the material can give you a very good indication of how durable and sturdy the carrier will actually be.


No matter how good the features of a carrier is and how much it fits your needs, the price is always major consideration factor. We have reviewed the best hitch mount cargo carriers in different price ranges, lets take a look some of them.

CURT 18153 500 lbs Capacity Basket Trailer Hitch Cargo Carrier

If you are in frequent need of a cargo carrier, you will love one that can be folded up and left attached to your car till your next use. Curt offers a wide range of trailer hitch cargo carriers with a variety of mounting options, including both front and backloading cargo carriers, some of which have a folding shank. The Curt Basket-Style Cargo Carrier 18153 is one such carrier that offers stability, durability, and ease of use.

Included is a Curt cargo carrier with tie-down straps, a waterproof vinyl storage cover, and an instruction manual.

Reese Pro Series 63153 Rambler Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

One of the most popular hitch cargo carriers on Amazon is the Pro Series Rambler. Sporting a 60″ by 24″ platform, this cargo carriers offers 500 lb capacity, while 5.5″ side rails helps keep your cargo secured within the platform.

It’s also extremely easy to maintain and clean, thanks to a rugged mesh floor. This product fits 2″ square vehicle receivers and features a rise shank design to elevate your cargo, delivering improved ground clearance.

You need to get tail lights or reflectors for the carrier. It doesn’t reflect at night, and it’s illegal in most places to not alert other motorists of the trailer behind your car.

ROLA 59502 Vortex Steel Cargo Carrier

ROLA is one of the most well-reputed brands in hitch mounted cargo carriers. The durable design is made with heavy-duty steel construction, finished off with a black powder coating to protect against the elements, scratches, and rust.

The 600-pound capacity is more than most out there, and will easily hold anything you need to bring along for the ride.

The large capacity is perfect for holding coolers, camping gear, and other bulky equipment. And the installation is incredibly easy, with 2” sq. receivers perfect for cars, trucks, SUVs, and other bigger vehicles.

There was an overwhelming demand for cargo carriers one could mount on the back of the installed hitch on your vehicle to secure more loading space. People often don’t want to be hauling trailers around when going on trips. With a hitch mounted cargo carrier you can load your bikes or various other sports accessories easily and effectively. Remember to fasten them tightly to the hitch though to avoid any mishaps.

If this form of cargo carrier isn’t for you and you’re looking for something with more pull or have a trailer you need to attach to your vehicle for those long hauls across country you could always look at purchasing one of the various drawtite hitches brands available on the market today.

They offer strong and sturdy not to mention stable hitches perfect for whatever need that may arise. As long as your car or truck is compatible with the hitch you will have no problem with pulling whatever it is you need pulling from what ever distance to where ever distance you have to go. The friendly staff at drawtite warehouses will help you pick out the best hitch suited to your needs.

If you’re not too keen about mounting a cargo carrier to the hitch at the back of your car, you can look at the various cargo racks available at hidden hitch 70647 retailers. They can offer you the rack most compatible to your car at relatively affordable pricing. You will be assured of quality and stability on the road when embarking on off road trips.

Who Needs a Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier?

Numerous individuals today often find themselves in need of a cargo carrier. The following are just some examples of whom a cargo carrier would really benefit…

A cargo carrier is necessary for campers who want to take along all of their camping gear. Sure, you can fit a bunch of stuff in your trunk, but just think of all the things you can take if you had a cargo carrier with so much space.

Construction workers
Those who are in the construction business or any business of the like that requires you to bring your own equipment and tools, you really should consider purchasing a cargo carrier.

If you find yourself frequently traveling from place to place, think about how handy a cargo carrier can be to transport everything you need.

Bands or Musicians
When going to play a gig or just to practice, a cargo carrier can be of great use as it is a convenient way to haul your equipment back and forth.


Hitch mounted cargo carrier is the newest addition to all the various brands of trailer storage accessories available from your various towing outlets. So I urge you to have a look at what will suit you. If you are a very active person and enjoy adventuring in the outdoors you really should invest in one of these cool hitch accessories. You also get these cargo carriers with receivers attached to make your experience more enjoyable and stress free.

So when you’re thinking of taking a nice active hike around your area but don’t want the hassle of transporting your bikes in the back of your car you should really think about purchasing one of these hitch mounted cargo carrier that you are able to get in any model to suit your specific car or truck.