Reese Goose Box Reviews & Buying Guide

Reese Goose Box has been endorsed by Lippert Components, Inc the largest manufacturer of 5th wheel frames. This gooseneck adapters let you to attach your fifth wheel straight to the ball in the bed of your truck. Reese goose box will make connecting your fifth wheel as simple as any gooseneck trailer.

The Reese goose box installation will involve more than one person and may need some type of lifting equipment because the Goose box weighs close to 160 lbs. Reese Goose Box will permanently replaces the pin box on your truck. The new pin box has built in airbag to give you a smoother ride and connects to the gooseneck ball in your truck.

Reese Goose Box Features

  • Worlds first OE approved gooseneck adapter, endorsed by Lippert Components Inc. for their frame systems
  • 5th Airborne expertise reduces stress that is transferred to the RV frame
  • Independent lab tested & proven to provide a better ride than king pin “bolt-on” adapter solutions
  • Air bag, dual shocks and rubber bumpers provide multi-directional shock absorption for a smoother driving experience
  • Air pressure relief valve prevents overfilling of air bags
  • Rated for 20,000 lbs. capacity utlilizing both CSA & SAE J2638 test standards

5th Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter – This unique coupler lets you tow your fifth-wheel trailer with your gooseneck hitch. It is air ride equipped to ensure that less stress is put on your trailer’s frame than is typical with traditional king pin adapters. Simply replace your trailer’s existing pin box with the Goose Box and you’ll be ready to go.

Eliminate Chucking and Jarring – The Goose Box is designed to absorb road shock for a smooth, stable ride. The internal air bag can be adjusted to give you just the right amount of support, so you will lose the bounce but avoid the stiff, rigid ride that occurs when towing with an overinflated air bag. Also included in the Goose Box are dual shock absorbers, which ensure that compression of the air bag occurs in a controlled fashion. This extends the life of the air bag.

Reese Goose Box Price

There two option of Reese goose box available on the market, 16K and 20K. In order to choose the right one, you’ll need to first know which model pin box you have. Also the weight capacity of the existing pin box. I recommend going with the option that matches the capacity you have now but if you would like to go with a higher rated option for more of a safety margin that will be just fine as well.

Reese Goose Box™ Pin Box – 16K

Reese Goose Box™ Pin Box - 16K

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GTW: 16,000/3,200 TW
Fits: Lippert 1621 & 1621HD, Lippert 0719 or Fabex PB-600 series wing sets
Optimal ride pressure: 25-35 psi – Max pressure 50 psi

Reese Goose Box™ Pin Box – 20K

Reese Goose Box™ Pin Box - 16K

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GTW: 20,000/4,000 TW
Fits: Lippert 1621HD & Lippert 1621, Lippert 0719, Lippert 1716, 1116 and 0115 (part number 61301 needed for the Lippert 1716, 1116 and 0115)
Optimal ride pressure: 25-35 psi – Max pressure 50 psi


I have been following every thread I can find and most if not every review has been positive and have no issues with Reese goose box. Here are some positive reviews:

I have completed the installation of the Reese Gooseneck pin Box 20K on my 2019 Columbus 1492 366RL. The installation went well for 2 people. The installation was done as suggested in the instructions, one step below the original fifth wheel hitch.

That actually proved to be too high for my 2019 GMC DenaliHD 4×4 DRW so I moved the hitch to the same position as the original equipment and the height works much better. I was able to unbolt and reset the position of the hitch by myself using the truck bed as a “work bench” and raising and lowering the RV to align the holes. Haven’t towed it yet but will soon and provide more info. As you can tell by the photos, the safety chain installation was very easy.

After one year of use the Goosebox has been a joy to pull with. Initial hookup is a learning curve compared to a traditional 5th wheel hitch but simple and quick after a few trips. Found a bed mounted camera eases the hookup process and love the open space of our truck bed when unhooked!

IF you have a gooseneck ball and a fifth wheel RV, then this is the perfect match for your rig! The Reese Goosebox changes everything! Easier hook up and unhooking. Smooth ride and easy installation. etrailer has plenty of videos for review and installation, plus you can call them and ask about it if you have any questions. I have had it for a year now and just installed it on its second camper and I would have it any other way! It is exactly what you need!

Reese Goose Box Warranty Implications

Reese tells us that Lippert approves the Goosebox for most of their frames. You’d need to ask the RV manufacturer about which of their specific models use Lippert frames, and then find out if that specific frame warranty allows the use of the Goosebox.


Reese Goose Box is an alternative to a sliding 5th wheel hitch. If you want to use a standard 5th wheel hitch with your short bed truck, this for you. The Reese pinbox will allow your short bed truck to manuver your trailer and provide it provides a smooth air ride. It is built very well and was built to handle the weight. Nothing like not having to worry about the back of the truck.

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