Recommended Reese Goose Box 20K Air Pressure & Problems

Have you ever experienced a problem with the Reese goose 20k box air pressure? This short story will help you solve the problem with your Reese goose box.

There should never be a loss of air pressure with your Reese Goose Box 20K. If it’s happening then it means you have a leak somewhere in your goose box. As a way to find this leak you need to fill the air pressure system and then spray down the airbag and fittings with soapy water. If you see any bubbles forming then it means there is certainly leak which causes loosing air pressure.

Recommended Air Spring Pressure for Reese Goose Box 20K

What is the optimum air pressure to run in the air bag in Reese goose box 20K? The internal air spring should be initially inflated to 35-psi pressure after the trailer is hitched and the landing gear have already been retracted. From that kick off point you are able to use the indicator on the driver’s side of the Reese goose box to fine-tune your pressure up to the maximum of 50-psi. The indicator will show green when you have reached near to the optimum pressure. This procedure and other important information are contained in the Reese goose box 20K user’s manual.

Please understand, the Reese goose box system has a relief valve that, once there is extra pressure in the back, is going to vent air. It is recommended to fill the bag until it reaches up to the green area and then add some more pounds of air. Tow the trailer and step on the brakes a few times. Excess air will vent out. The remaining air should be at or near the green area and that would be the optimum Reese goose box 20k air pressure.

If after doing this more air has leaked out then it is likely a leak at the Schrader valve. The valve can be replaced by one of the same rating and size. But if the leak is at the Reese goose box air bag then it would have to be replaced under warranty.

Reese has upgraded the fill assembly on the latest Reese Goose Box 20K models. The upgraded design removes the old relief valve and threads directly into the air bag to eliminate the Reese goose box air pressure problems. The brass block is the new relief valve.

If you have a brass block that your air fill stem threads into, you have the latest design of Reese goose box 20K. If you don’t have that brass block, contact Reese tech support and they will send one for free. They will have a tech reach out to you and want a photo of the full valve assembly and the serial plate.