How to Use Reese Goose Box on a Short Bed Truck?

Reese Goose Box will works great on a short bed trucks with an auxiliary tool box mounted in the bed. There is plenty of room for the Goose Box to turn in the bed without rubbing on the 24″ wide for reference tool box. It can’t quite get a full 90 degrees out of this set up without dinging the cab, but you will get plenty close enough for what you need.

Turning clearance may indeed be an issue with the Reese goose box short bed as it does not provide any type of offset and you won’t be able to rely on sliding travel from a sliding 5th wheel hitch. If you have been towing a 5th wheel trailer with your existing short bed truck and a sliding hitch was needed to execute sharp turns then the Reese Goose Box 20K won’t be a good option.

The Reese Goose Boxes are designed to replace specific pin box models on the short bed trailer so you will want to first make sure that it will be compatible. This unit is designed to replace the Lippert 1621, 1621HD, and 0719 pin boxes. The existing pin box on your trailer should have a sticker or plate on it that lists its model.

Reese Goose Box will not provide any additional clearance for short bed trucks above what the factory pin box offers. With the Goose Box installed, you will likely still have trouble making tight turns with your short bed truck, but there is a formula that can help you confirm this.

To find out if your short bed truck will have enough clearance to make tight turns, you will simply plug in a few numbers to this formula:

  • (A + B) – C = Clearance
    • A = Distance from the gooseneck ball to the truck cab
    • B = Offset used
    • C = Width of the nose of the trailer divided by 2

How to Install Reese Goose Box on a Short Bed Truck?

The installation of Reese goose box short bed was very simple however the hitch is very heavy. If you have help you can have someone hold it up right in the bed of your pickup and use the landing gear to raise and lower the trailer until the bolt holes up. The bolts require a 210ftlb torque IIRC. The only issue I’ve had with mine is the pop off valve leaks at the threads. The air bags make a world of difference in the ride.

Make sure there’s enough clearance between the truck bed rails and the underside of your 5r overhang. When the dealer installed my Reese goose box 20K they didn’t take that into consideration. Long story short, they were on the hook for a new body panel.

And then about the safety chains, I believe most states require them for gooseneck hitches. General opinion was although needed by law, they are total unnecessary considering not only the 5r would have to go thru the tailgate, but the tongue weight alone would make it extremely difficult to come unhitched.

There is a pop off valve threaded into the underside of the hitch and mine is leaking around the threads. I just need to remove it put some Teflon in it and reinstall it. The valve is to prevent you from over inflating the air bags. It’s kind of hard to see but the valve is the gold thing near the bottom right.

For Reese goose box 20K installed in short bed truck like your GMC Sierra 2500 a better option is an offset adapter that bolts to the existing king pin (instead of replacing it) like the Convert-A-Ball. This will bolt to the king pin so you can tow your 5th wheel trailer with a gooseneck hitch in your truck.

It features interior polyurethane cushions that act as shock absorbers for a smoother ride and it has a 20,000 pound towing capacity. Its 7-1/2 inch offset will provide additional cab clearance for making sharper turns. Please note though that an adapter like this is not recommended for use with factory-installed rail/puck systems.

I have the Reese goose box short bed pulling, and it works great! No issues!

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