How To Get 14.4 Volts To My Amp

How To Get 14.4 Volts To My Amp. 14. 4 volts to amps calculator converts 14. 4 volts into amps simply by selecting the type of power (watts or ohms). Joined aug 27, 2002. Discussion starter · #6 · feb 18, 2003.

14 amps to volts calculator quickly provides the answer of 14 amps in volts by simply selecting the calculation type ohms or watts and entering the required values. 14. 4 volts is the charging output (above idle)( for most high output alternators, or what you can set an external voltage regulator for on some cars. The amp will produce slightly.

How To Get 14.4 Volts To My Amp

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We get a lot of requests for JP regarding what products people should out into their systems. One important topic that has been brought up as of recent is the process of upgrading the battery voltage on your vehicle. This is a very specific process that should be taken with care, This isn't something you want to cut corners on, due to the fact that inprpoer setup can lead to problems down the road (no pun intended). In this vide, JP shows us some proper tips and and helpful hints on properly…. How To Get 14.4 Volts To My Amp

My setup is a 4ohm mtx woofer bridged to the mtx thunder 152. So according to the amp specs you get:. Hey guys just wondering how i can get 14 volts to my amp. Its a rockfordfosgate p1000db and puts out 850 watts rms at 2ohms and 14. 4 volts.

In most newer cars the regulator is contained within the alternator, so basically you're buying the entire unit. Either that or altering. Basically the vehicle's system is 12v but if you take a reading with a multimeter it will be within that range and when it's charging (vehicle running) it can get as high around the. Posted in the12volt's install bay car audio forum.

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Increasing Alternator Voltage With Diodes.

In this video I go over how to get double the amperage out of your alternator with a simple and easy modification that anyone can do. No need to keep your foot on the throttle when demoing

I share some info on how to setup a 14v or 16v charging and battery system in you car. This is useful to get more power out of your car audio system. For more, visit my site at and like our facebook and twitter. Subscribe for more!

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Here I managed to get my wfco 8955 into bulk mode. I added another wire to the extra lug and ran it out to the battery on the RV. I know this are hard to get into bulk and am sure the wire helped. But I may have run the battery's down a bit low, im not sure. They may have been below 12 volts. I will have to do further testing when I either install another wire in parallel permanently, or run one bigger wire from the converter to the battery… Another option is just to install a new…

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12 volt basics 12 volt basics. First off the car is a 2008 altima. I will be running 2 amps in my system.

How To Get 14.4 Volts To My Amp. A 100. 4, and 1200rms mono. The mono makes the 1200 watts at 12. 8 volts, and it is. Just make a connector that connects the positive and negative wires on one lead and simply use the other lead for 7. 2v operation.

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