How Safe Are Pullrite SuperGlide Hitch

Pullrite is a famous hitch manufacturer that has been around for years in a trailer hitch industry. The Superglide is one their premium series hitch 5th wheel hitches produced. Nonetheless, there are several performance issues that consumer could experience while using these Pullrite Superglide hitch.

There was quite a bit of controversy that occurred about 5 years ago regarding the safety and security of the pullrite superglide hitch. A consumer who purchased this particular model of hitch was driving along the high way.

Even at a minimum speed, when he turned the corner towards his intended destination the trailer completely detached itself from the specific hitch. This resulted in numerous financial damage and following this event the consumer proceeded to write a letter of complaint to the managers of pullrite hitches.

Various tests were done to check the stability of the pullrite hitches after then. The conclusion was made that the specific consumer did not maintain the hitch as is stipulated in the manual. This is an important lesson that can be deduced from this unfortunate event.

It does not matter which hitch you choose to install on your vehicle be it drawtite hitches or even one of those hitch mountain cargo carriers, you must always read your manual book intently. This can ultimately result in saving you from various vehicle disasters on the road.

Pullrite Superglide Hitch Problems (Common Issues)

Some of the most common Pullrite Superglide Hitch problems are quite easy to solve. However, in the case that you don’t think you could tackle the issue on your own, it’s a good idea to call in the professionals and let them take over.

Attempting to fix the Pullrite SuperGlide problems without sufficient skill could worsen the situation so act wisely.

The released handle is stuck tight

Too much rearward pressured may be applied against the lock mechanism and make it hard to open the release handle. All you have to do is to back the truck a little bit and then you could resume unhitching the hitch.

The trailer overhang hits the truck rail

The kingpin box of most trailers in circulation possesses a height adjustment mechanism. By manipulating it, you are able to achieve enough clearance between the trailer and the truck. You could ask someone to stand outside and observe the hitch while you are turning to see whether the current clearance is adequate or no.

The latch handle mechanism

For this pullrite superglide hitch issue, you have to spray the locking mechanism with some lubricants, pullrite recommended that you use WD-40.

The pullrite superglide requires that you lubricate the hitch properly to ensure that the friction between the hitch and the trailer is minimal. This is vital as eventually the durability of these hitches will depend on how you maintain them. If you don’t do that, accidents will inevitably occur.

It’s also important to consider a hitch with ratings that match your hauling needs. Using a hitch with inappropriate rating capacity would inherently lead to any pullrite superglide hitch problems and could even endanger your safety as well.

Like any other trailer accessories you as the consumer want to be able to purchase the best suited item for your vehicle. Think before you go out to purchase though. Make a check list in your head of the things you want your hitch to be able to do. What function is it that you want it to play in your day to day life? Will you only be using your hitch during holidays or long trips or do you need to use it on a daily basis.

The New Pullrite SuperGlide

Now that you have a firm grasp on the SuperGlide and how it is actually safe to use in your vehicle. We have four unique and innovative types of SuperGlide hitches based on the mounting system you prefer.

ISR Series Pullrite SuperGlide Fifth Wheel Hitches

The ISR Series (Industry Standard Rail) are the most diverse of the pullrite SuperGlide hitch line because they give you more options. If you already have an industry standard type rail in your truck and want to upgrade to a SuperGlide fifth wheel hitch, ISR Series SuperGlide’s tabbed base feet install directly onto your industry standard rails.

If you don’t have a rail system, choose either our ISR rails that really are built better and stronger than any on the market, or choose our ISR SuperRail system. This mounting system gives you a clean bed when you’re not towing. Four easy steps to install/remove the mounting posts with no tools required.

OE Puck Series Pullrite SuperGlide Fifth Wheel Hitches

The brand new hitch line of OE Puck Series SuperGlides mount directly into your truck manufacturer’s underbed puck mounting system.

If you have purchased a truck equipped with the original equipment fifth wheel and gooseneck mounting points. Pullrite have an entire line of OE Puck hitches for Ford, Chevy and Dodge. These easy to install OE Puck hitches mount directly and easily into the puck holes with totally removable and adjustable puck handles.

Traditional Series Pullrite SuperGlide Fifth Wheel Hitches

Traditional Series Pullrite SuperGlide Hitch were the forerunners to the entire hitch line and remain a good solution for older truck applications. As they sit lower in the bed, accommodating the lower bed rails of older model trucks.

Utilizing adjustable mounting rails and totally removable posts that don’t require any tools for installation or removal. These Traditional Series hitches are easy to install and are totally removable for a clean bed.


A pullrite hitch can guarantee quality and strength as well as durability should you in turn maintain the hitch as specified. Why not do a check up on your hitch on a routinely basis. In the end you will only save money by preventing damage being done to your towing object.

Pullrite Hitch best solution for short bed and super-short bed fifth wheel towing hitches.

This leads to a very valuable and much required conclusion. Maintenance is the main thing to keep in mind when you have already purchased your hitch. You will have no other to blame but yourself if you have not done the necessary maintenance on your pullrite superglide hitch as this will lead to a pleasant traveling experience when you keep it properly maintained.

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