Hidden Hitch Reviews – Including The New Model

Hidden Hitch was the first trailer hitch company to be recognized as a QS-9000 & ISO-9001. Their main goal is to provide consumers high quality towing hitches by focused on innovation, quality and safety. To ensure that your hauling experience is stress free and not plagued by copious amounts of effort. Today the hidden hitch company has enjoyed much success amongst consumers in the towing industry.

Not only do they provide various trailer hitch accessories but they also offer you a wide selection of hitch products. You are more than welcome to choose from at the various easily located warehouses through out America. There are six of these warehouses in total and all provide excellent service and quality of various hitches and other towing accessories.

Hidden Hitch Products

Hidden hitch is well known for their ability to produce brand new or improved products for its customers that ensure good quality at more than affordable pricing. They also pride themselves on their timeous delivery of orders.

Their most recent products besides the hitch accessories and ball mount also the gooseneck designed trailer hitch as well as your fifth wheel hitches for those more extreme heavy towing requirements.

Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitches

  • 60872 Class I Receiver Trailer Hitch
  • 60301 Class I Receiver Trailer Hitch

Ball Mounts Hitches

  • 80412 Adjustable Ball Mount
  • Reese 80233 Angle-Cut Class III Ball Mount

Hitch Accessories

  • 60037 Receiver Tube Cover
  • 520801 Coupler Repair Kit

Taking a look at the history of this company you will begin to notice they were the first amongst their kind to provide excellent towing products in demand by the consumers. In 1984 for instance they introduced the first round style tube hitch that resulted in much success.

The Company Hystory

The first hitch mounted carrier for bikes was introduced in 1988. And also through out the nineties various other high profile products and events were introduced and took place. Most recently in two thousand and three the round tube slider was introduced and generated a huge amount of success amongst consumers of trailer accessories.

Hidden hitch not only enjoys a lot of success among customers, but it is also a very practical hitch that is very durable and of high quality. Ultimately you require of your hitch products to be long lasting and be able to achieve the utmost functionality. Check at your local hitch dealership if the hitch from hidden hitch are compatible with your vehicle. As its design should make it unmistakably compatible with most vehicles and trucks.

These manufacturers of towing goods are dedicated to quality and safety and they will issue lifetime guarantees on their products should you bare in mind to do routine maintenance on all the products you buy. They do various safety tests to ensure that your hitch won’t come undone during traveling and will also do numerous quality checks before releasing a new product on the market.

Consider buying from these company if you are in the market for new towing and trailer accessories. Their friendly and helpful staff will give you the best service you require in making a decision to purchase a hitch. But the hero of the day is undoubtedly the new hidden hitch.

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