Exactly How Strong is Fifth Wheel Hitch?

How strong is a Fifth Wheel Hitch? If you look at fifth wheel hitches you will notice that they are similar in design to a hook up that 18 wheel trucks use to haul around their trailers. This alone will give you an idea of how strong they are. This pretty much tells you that these fifth wheel hitches mean business.

A fifth wheel hitch offers numerous advantages you won’t always find in other trailer hitches.

Fifth Wheel Hitch Advantage

For one you are able to maneuver it more easily due to the hitch mounting that’s inside the bed of a truck. This makes it a lot less effort to turn at corners.

They also offer better stabilizing ability. The 5th wheel hitch are designed to haul around quite heavy loads. You are also able to haul around a lot more weight with fifth wheel hitch. This makes the capacity to tow more than your average pintle hitch or valley trailer hitches.

The other advantage is that it is safer due to it being more stable than your average trailer hitch. You need that sort of stability when you are a beginner and aren’t completely educated in the matter of various suitable hitches.

The Cons

A con of these hitches are that the take up quite a considerable amount of space due to them being mounted in the bed of a truck. So you won’t have much room for towing anything else apart from what you are currently towing.

Another big problematic issue of these wheel hitches is that you will need to take off the tailgate before you haul anything. A good thing though is that retailers offer various trailer hitch accessories to accommodate this problem.

These accessories range from a tool box to carry all your much needed tools to RV chests that is designed to sit behind your cab and can be used as a storage facility. You are also able to purchase various pre owned accessories such as an air gate which was designed to replace the problem of having to remove your tailgate before trips.

The V shape in the middle of the air gate will help fit the tongue of a trailer. It also helps with fuel economy because when you’re driving and the air flows over your truck it tends to hit the gate and slow the truck down. It will also reduce air friction problems that might occur.

Choosing the Right 5th Wheel Hitch

It doesn’t matter what way you look at it, these fifth wheel trailer hitches are the most compatible for hauling around heavy loads. As its stability as well as its towing capacity is incomparable. Even though they have a few minor draw backs you will still be able to find accessories to fix these slightly irritating problems.

Just keep in mind though when looking at a hitch you need to make sure that your vehicle will be able to haul the heavy load. The maximum towing weight should be in the manual of your vehicle. Always try to haul a load that is within the capacity of your vehicle. Especially when you’re considering purchasing fifth wheel hitches.

With all the 5th wheel hitches in the market today, it’s difficult to know how to choose the right fifth wheel hitch. One thing for sure, CAPACITY is the most important feature to consider. You need to know how strong is fifth wheel hitch in order to get you looking at the right selection of hitches.