Choosing The best Pintle Hitch That Will Suit Your Needs

The pintle hitch with the lunette ring is best for your various hauling needs. Whether you intend to go off road or over rough terrains these hitches are quite durable and sturdy during these kinds of excursions. It is very stable and utterly secure and you will be sure to not encounter any problems with a pintle hitch if you install it properly.

Although these kind of hitches tend to be a little noisy and slop than a standard ball mount hitches, pintle hitch weight ratings is much higher. They can tow anywhere from 10,000 to 60,000 Ibs. gross trailer weight. These hitches are very common in the construction industry.

The Best Pintle Hitch

Peoples choose pintle hitch because they are considered the best in trailer hitch industry, according to their performance, construction, and ease of use.

CURT 48004 Pintle Hook for 2-Inch Hitch Receiver 20,000 lbs

CURT 48004 Pintle Hook Hitch for 2-Inch Receiver

When we are talking about the best pintle hitch, trailer hitch product from CURT is always included in the list. It’s because the product is known for its good construction and quality.

This pintle hook hitch equips your truck to tackle heavy-duty towing jobs in construction, agriculture, military settings and more. The pintle hook can be coupled to virtually any lunette ring with a 2-1/2-inch inside diameter. CURT 48004 Pintle Hook features a 2-inch x 2-inch shank to fit virtually any industry-standard 2-inch hitch receiver. This makes it the perfect accessory for most class 3, class 4 and class 5 hitches.

To ensure a reliable connection to your trailer, this pintle hitch comes with a spring-loaded arm. The arm locks down onto the hook and can be secured with the included safety pin. CURT 48004 is rated for a pintle capacity of 20,000 lbs. The body is constructed from solid forged steel to give maximum towing strength.

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Reese Towpower 7024300 Receiver Mount Pintle Hook

Reese Towpower 7024300 Receiver Mount Pintle Hook

Reese Towpower Receiver Mount Pintle Hook is pintle only, so if you have ball hitch trailers you will need a second hitch.

This has slides into a 2″ receiver, and secures with a standard hitch pin, which is not included. What you see in the picture is what you get. The hitch body with opening latch, and the lock pin attached by chain. I use this on a tractor to move a military 1.5 ton trailer, and a 70KW generator.

The capacity of Reese Towpower Receiver far exceeds the loads I put on it. Rated capacity is 10,000 lb max load, 2,000 lb max vertical load. The hitch is painted black, has plated bolts holding the latch, and plated chain on the lock pin.

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How Pintle Hitch Work?

Pintle hitches work using two main parts.

  1. Pintle Hook
  2. Lunette Ring

The pintle hook attaches to the tow vehicle, and the lunette ring is bolted to the trailer. The pintle hook jaws lock around the lunette ring and are then secured with a safety pin.

To remove a pintle hitch, simply remove the safety pin and open the hook to release the lunette ring. Both pintle hook and lunette ring should have the same gwt rating to support the loaded weight of your trailer.

Standard pintle hitch are a simple coupler with only a few moving parts. They are incredibly durable and can tolerate being coupled and un-coupled dozens of times.

Pintle hitch and can be used on-road or off-road, and they allow for vast differences in angles between the trailer and the tow vehicle. Pintle hitch trailer are built to be a reliable and very durable connection method for use in commercial applications where backing a trailer in is less common.

Pintle Hitch Components

Pintle Hitch Components
  • Mounting Plate
    The mounting plate is drilled for attachment with Grade 8 bolts. Depending on the weight capacity the mounting plate will use four or more bolts, and it can be mounted to a plate on the truck or to a plate on a receiver-style pintle hitch mount.
  • Lock Pin
    Some pintle hitches will allow for a secondary lock pin for the latch assembly. The lock pin is normally tethered to the hitch with a cable or a chain.
  • Latch
    The upper portion is a latch with a spring-loaded release. These can be with or without a lock pin depending on the model of pintle hitch.
  • Towing Horn
    The lower fixed portion is a towing horn. The towing horn will cradle the pintle ring and support the weight of the trailer tongue.

Pintle Hitches vs Ball Hitches

There are some differences betwen pintle hitch and ball. Check the table below:

Pintle HitchesBall Mounts
10,000 lbs – 60,000 lbs2,000 lbs – 25,000 lbs
Bolts to pintle mountMounts to trailer hitch receiver
Requires lunette ringRequires ball coupler
Rougher, noisier rideSmoother, quieter ride
Ideal for off-road applicationsLess equipped for off-road applications
Fits 2″, 212“, and 3” hitch receiversFits 114“, 2”, 212“, and 3” hitch receivers

In pintle hitch trailer, a secure coupling is visible. Wear and damage are out in the open and are visible without extra effort. Pintle hitch trailer are available with a lock pin that prevents the latch from opening while the pin is installed.

In a ball mount if ball coupler is worn, a closed latch may not mean a secure connection. Excessive wear may not be noticeable until the trailer jumps off the hitch ball.


Pintle hitches are often used by consumers when going on camping trips and hauling heavy RV vans around. It is undoubtedly the most useful when lugging about heavy cargo. There are various trailer hitches on the market ranging from gooseneck hitches to 5th whell hitches.

Due to the popularity of hitches and there being so many various kinds of hitches on the market it can be difficult to choose the one best suited to your needs. If you keep in mind though what the maximum capacity of weight is your car or truck can haul it will make it a little bit easier to choose a hitch most effective to your requirements.

This kind of hitch are excellent for transporting heavy trailers and vans when you go out camping. Because you will no doubt be traveling quite a far distance and perhaps through wilderness you will require something that is stable and will not unhook quickly. Why do you think most campers invest in a best pintle hitch? Only because you are assured that your van won’t flip over at inconvenient times.

No more to worry about unhooking the van from your truck you need not fear as these hitches can be semi detachable, but don’t worry as this will not compromise the quality of the hitches. Various professional assistants at your local trailer and hitches dealerships or retailers will be able to assist you in finding the perfect hitch for you. You will also be educated in how to properly attach a hitch to your vehicle.

Camping should be a time of wonderful rest as well as relaxation. Worrying about the transport of your items or your van should be the least of your worries. Always keep in mind the two factors though when purchasing a hitch.

The maximum weight your vehicle can pull as well as the capacity a hitch can haul. If you understand those two factors and keep them at the back of your mind you should have no problem with the purchasing of various hitches. Whether it for pulling of vans or trailers.

If you do not have a local retailer or dealership in your area that stock hitches, you should check online. As they are able to offer you equally professional service and assistance regarding your purchasing of a suitable hitch. But any retailer be it local or online will tell you to keep in mind the two major factors previously mentioned.

So if you’re looking forward to that lovely well deserved holiday at the end of a busy year and don’t want to worry about the hassles of transporting, you should definitely invest in a pintle hitch.

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