Best Trailer Tongue Locks to Secure Your Rig

Trailer tongue locks are designed to provide a deterrent and make it difficult for would-be thieves to easily take off with your trailer. If something is on wheels, it’s a target for thieves, and this includes your trailer. Trailer tongue locks are a simple, affordable way to deter the bad guys and make sure your trailer stays yours.

There are different types of trailer tongue locks (also called trailer coupler locks). The best one for you depends on what exactly you want to accomplish. Do you want to protect your trailer when it’s hanging out unattached in your driveway? Or are you equally concerned about someone unlatching your coupler in the parking lot?

The Best Trailer Tongue Locks for Preventing Trailer Theft

Check out our guide for the top trailer tongue locks of 2020 below and find the ideal lock to secure your rig.

Fastway Universal Trailer Coupler Lock

Fastway Universal Trailer Coupler Lock

Hefty Keyed-Alike Protection for Any Coupler Size

This is for you if:

This burly lock by Fastway announces to everyone that your rig would be more trouble than it’s worth to steal. This trailer tongue locks allows you to keep your detached trailer in your driveway. Also in storage facility or other parking space without worrying about greedy eyes. Fastway Lock offers integrated tube key lock cylinder, anti-drill pin, and bolt-blocked locking system. All work together to provide superior security to other hitch locks on the market.

These Fastway locks are compatible with 1-7/8”, 2” and 2-5/16” couplers. So you can use the single lock for multiple trailers. If you need more than one, the locks can be keyed alike for added convenience.

This is NOT for you if:

If you’re looking for a lock to protect your trailer when you’re hitched up, skip this one. If you’re looking for a coupler lock with a bit more visibility, you’ll like the Keyed-Alike Coupler Locks.

Fastway Universal Trailer Coupler Lock Features

Fastway Fortress 86-00-5015 Maximum Security Universal Coupler Lock

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  • Universal design protects most trailers from being towed away
    • Multistep Uni-ball fits into any size ball coupler
    • Unique bend in reversible shackle lets it snug up tight to most types of couplers or coupler latches, including:
      • A-frame, straight channel, round tongue, flat plate and surge-type couplers
      • Trigger, pin, thumb and wraparound yoke latches
  • Tube key lock cylinder provides better security than standard key mechanisms
    • Harder to pick
    • More difficult to duplicate keys
  • Anti-drill pin discourages attempts to drill out the lock
  • Keyed alike option lets you order as many locks as you need that all work with the same key
  • Bolt-blocked locking system prevents thieves from prying the lock open
    • Uses internal bolts to engage the shackle’s notches
  • Hardened, chrome-plated shackle and nickel-plated housing
  • 2 Keys included

Fastway Universal Trailer Coupler Lock Specs

  • Fits most 1-7/8″, 2″ and 2-5/16″ ball couplers
    • Maximum coupler width: 4-1/2″
  • Shackle diameter: 5/8″
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Bulldog Lifelong Trailer Coupler Lock

Bulldog Lifelong Trailer Coupler Lock

Protection With Trailer Attached + Added Road Safety

This is for you if:

You have a trigger-style ball coupler and want protection both on and off the road. The Bulldog Lifelong Trailer Coupler Locks secures the trigger latch on your coupler. Ensuring that the trailer can’t be removed from your tow vehicle when it’s locked onto your hitch ball. This means if you leave your hitched up trailer unattended in a parking lot, no one is able to unhitch your trailer from your hitch ball and drive away with it.

This style trailer tongue lock also provides an added layer of security. When you’re towing by further ensuring your trailer won’t come unhitched as you drive down the road.

The lock also deters theft even when your trailer isn’t hitched up. Just secure the lock over your coupler when your trailer is parked in your driveway or in storage. The lock will prevent anyone from being able to hitch your trailer to their own vehicle since the trigger latch won’t properly engage.

Essentially, if you’re looking for a cost-effective security device to protect your trailer at all times, this Bulldog lock is perfect for you.

This is NOT for you if:

If you don’t have a trigger-style coupler latch. This trailer tongue locks is also keyed unique, so if you prefer a keyed-alike option, this lock isn’t for you.

Bulldog Lifelong Trailer Coupler Lock Features

Bulldog 580403 Chrome Coupler Lock

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  • Coupler lock secures the trigger latch on your trailer’s coupler to deter theft
    • Trailer can’t be removed from your tow vehicle when locked onto ball
    • Would-be thieves can’t secure your unhitched trailer to their tow vehicle
  • Ball-bearing locking system provides maximum security and ease of use
    • Just pop the deadbolt portion onto the end of the pin and the lock will automatically engage
    • Grease ball-bearings periodically to ensure smooth operation
  • Solid steel construction offers superior strength and durability
  • Chrome plating resists rust
  • Plastic cap covers key slot to help prevent corrosion in the locking mechanism
  • 2 High-security, square keys included

Bulldog Lifelong Trailer Coupler Lock Specs

  • Application: trigger-latch-style ball couplers
  • Inside pin length (span): approximately 3/4″
  • Pin diameter: 1/4″
  • Limited 1-year warranty

Blaylock EZ Trailer Tongue Locks

Blaylock EZ Trailer Tongue Locks

Aircraft-Grade, Rustproof Construction

This is for you if:

If you want one of the burliest, un-stealable, USA-made trailer tongue locks on the market. This lock is compatible with trigger-, latch-, and handwheel-style couplers, so it’ll work for most trailers. The heavy-duty bracket fits around your trailer’s coupler and is secured with a steel pin, preventing towaway theft when your trailer is unattached. The included stainless steel padlock secures the pin in place.

In order to break this lock, you’d have to cut through that 3/4″ thick steel pin. Can it happen? Yes. But a thief would need an opportunity to sit down with this lock and some power tools in order to do it, so it would be anything but easy. The lock is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, so it’s corrosion-resistant as well as bad-guy-resistant. This trailer tongue locks can also be keyed alike.

This is NOT for you if:

If you’re looking for a low-cost deterrent to scare off thieves looking for an easy target, this is probably overkill and may cost more than you want to spend. This trailer coupler locks also does not protect your trailer when it is hitched to your tow vehicle.

Also note that this lock, at 6-1/4″ long x 4-1/4″ wide x 5-1/4″ tall, isn’t the easiest to store unless you have room in your trailer or in a truck bed tool box.

Blaylock EZ Trailer Tongue Locks Features

Blaylock American Metal TL-33 Coupler Lock

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  • Coupler lock deters theft of your trailer that has a trigger-style, latch-style, or handwheel-style coupler
    • 3 Pin hole positions allow for tight fit on a variety of couplers
  • Heavy-duty bracket fits around your trailer’s coupler
    • Raised ball on platform sits inside of coupler
  • Steel pin slides through the bracket to secure the lock to your coupler
  • Stainless steel padlock with hardened steel shackle secures pin in place
  • Keyed-alike option – select “Keyed Alike” to order multiples of this lock keyed alike or to key the same as other Blaylock locks that use the 40D Master Lock padlock
  • Aircraft-grade, lightweight aluminum construction is strong and resists wear and corrosion
  • 2 Keys are included
  • Made in the USA

Blaylock EZ Lock Specs

  • Application: most trigger-style, latch-style, or handwheel-style couplers that fit 1-7/8″, 2″, and 2-5/16″ hitch balls
    • Trigger style: Fulton, Shelby, Dutton-Lainson, Atwood, and similar
    • Latch style: Atwood, Fulton, and similar
    • Larger 8,000-lb and 10,000-lb Atwood
  • Overall dimensions: 6-1/4″ long x 4-1/4″ wide x 5-1/4″ tall
    • Inside width: 4-3/4″
  • Pin diameter: 3/4″
  • Weight: 4-1/5 lbs

While we have picked the best trailer tongue locks in the list above, you may still want to check out various options that will fit your vehicle. There are so many locks models and brands that you can try out.

There are things that you should consider to protect your trailer from getting stolen. And, that starts with picking the right trailer tongue locks that will deter criminals.

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