Best Trailer Hitch Ball Mounts for Truck

Whether you want to tow a trailer home or a speedboat, you need a reliable trailer ball hitch to connect safely to your truck. You must only use a well-constructed, heavy-duty ball mount to confidently tow anything on the road.

The following is a review of the two best trailer hitch ball mounts for trucks that you might want to consider for your next outdoor adventure ride.

Connor Trailer Hitch

Connor Trailer Hitch

You can use the Connor Trailer Hitch with any kind of 2” standard hitch setups. It fits Class III 2”x2” receivers with 8-1/2” usable length because it has an overall 12- ½ “ length. You can use it in either drop or rise position making it handy for any kind of load. The Connor Trailer Hitch also fits standard 2” couplers and it’s a guarantee that it will stay put and will remain durable even if you use it time and again.

You will like the Connor Trailer Hitch’s durable finish because it will resist rust and corrosion. You can use it in all weather and it’s a guarantee that it won’t fade or rust because it has a black power coating finish.

You can tell that it’s made to last because it’s made from heavy duty steel and is robotically-welded for strength. Your purchase comes with a hitch pin and clip. This is a durable, well-constructed and versatile trailer hitch ball for all kinds of loads.

Reese Towpower 21536

Reese Towpower 21536

You can tow a trailer, a motorboat, speedboat or a jet ski without worrying about turning or an unbalanced trailer level with the Reese Towpower Class III Towing Starter Kit.

This is a simple, well-made towing ball mount that provides good towing power with a shank measuring 9 inches in length and an inch in diameter. It can fit all standard loads and will give you a lot of turning clearance from bumper to trailer frame with its large shank.

You have everything you need to tow with the Reese Towpower starter kit. It comes with a ball mount that will help you adjust your towing levels. This tow kit will keep you safe and level no matter what your load may be. The Reese Towpower starter kit has all you need and is versatile with a straightforward design.


There is no excuse for towing safety especially when you are on the highway or on a busy road. You need a reliable, durable and versatile trailer ball hitch to connect your truck. Comparing the Connor Trailer Hitch vs Reese Towpower 21536 was a difficult thing to do especially since both come from popular tow hitch brands. But when it came to build and durability, the Connor Trailer Hitch took the lead.

The Connor Trailer Hitch is a clear winner when it comes to build, material and versatility. It is made from durable, heavy-duty steel and has a black power coating finish so you can take it anywhere in all kinds of weather. It can connect with all kinds of receivers and is perfect for drop or rise position. Truly a good trailer ball hitch to take you, and your load, to your next road adventure.

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