Best Gooseneck To Fifth Wheel Adapters

If you have a fifth-wheel trailer hitch already installed in your truck but want to tow a gooseneck trailer, you’re not out of luck. You can choose from two kinds of gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters to help you. These two options will let you tow your gooseneck trailer with a fifth wheel hitch.

One option is to replace the inner pipe on a standard gooseneck coupler and have a fifth-wheel king pin at the base. This standard king pin will fit right into your existing fifth-wheel hitch.

The other type of adapter attaches to the industry-standard fifth-wheel rails in your truck bed and has a gooseneck ball that hooks right up to your gooseneck trailer, like a standard gooseneck hitch does. The option you choose will depend on your particular situation and preference.

Best Gooseneck To Fifth Wheel Adapters Reviews

When you consider the different types of adapter available, choosing the best gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters can be quite challenging. We have tried to look at a number of different setups with brands that accommodate any particular preferences and can help you in your search for the best adapters.

Anderson Hitches 3220

The best gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters available today, the Anderson Hitches 3220 is perfect for your short bed truck. Although it is specially designed to fit short bed trucks, it is also compatible with standard and long bed trucks.


  • This Hitch is Extremely Easy to Install
  • Its Low Weight Further Allows Ease of Use
  • Sturdily-Built Design Ensures Reliability and Durability


  • The Release Cable Might be Flimsy
  • It Lifts up the Trailer Higher than Other Hitches

CURT 2-5/16-Inch Bent Plate Gooseneck Adapter

The CURT 2-5/16-Inch Bent Plate Gooseneck Adapter can turn your truck into a versatile towing machine. Featuring four pin-and-clip attachment points, this model ensures a quick removal and solid installation. It also allows you complete access and use of the truck to haul other loads.


  • This Unit is Extremely Easy to Install
  • Sturdily-Built Design Ensures Durability and Longevity
  • Built-in Safety Chain Attachment Slots Ensure Ease of Use


  • The Pins it Comes with Might be too Small

EAZ LIFT 15 Inch Camco Gooseneck Adapter

One of the strongest gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters available, the EAZ LIFT 15 Inch Camco Gooseneck Adapter deserves to be the runner-up on our list. Equipped with an impressive 30,000 lb weight capacity, it is also one of the most lightweight units available.


  • Its Low Weight Allows Ease of Use
  • One of the Most Affordable Units Available
  • Its Superior Tongue Weight Allows it to Tow a 5th Wheel Trailer Easily


  • The Installation Process is a Bit Difficult
  • The Height of the Model Cannot be Adjusted

Is it Safe to Use a Gooseneck To Fifth Wheel Adapters?

Yes, it is safe to use gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters! When you occasionally need to tow a gooseneck trailer hitch with a fifth-wheel hitch, or vice versa.

Most using a true gooseneck adapter on a 5th wheel hitch to improve convenience. They already have gooseneck trailers on the farm/ranch and it saves them from having to have both in their truck.

However, some gooseneck adapters are not designed to be a permanent solution. Gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters can limit the movement of the gooseneck-to-fifth-wheel contact point. Which makes for a much rougher ride.

Over time and with consistent usage, gooseneck adapters can put additional stress and strain on both your trailer and hitch.

A gooseneck where the ball is at the floor of the pickup bed, creates a longer leaver arm on the trailer frame. If it’s a light weight trailer with an overbuilt frame, that may be OK. If it’s heavier and not built so well, it can be a problem. Particularly if you are on rough roads. These variations in weight and driving conditions explain why some people go years with no issues and others quickly break something in the frame.

You may occasionally see a mount where it’s a gooseneck ball but on a raised frame, pretty much the same height as a regular 5th wheel hitch. That shouldn’t have any impact on the stress the trailer frame sees as the lever arm is roughly the same.

Best Option to Gooseneck To Fifth Wheel Adapters

Option #1: Adapter that Fits on the Gooseneck Trailer

This type of adapter replaces either the gooseneck trailer’s inner tube or both inner and outer tubes. And also allows the gooseneck trailer to fit an industry-standard fifth-wheel hitch. Gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters that replace the inner tube are ideal if you need to frequently switch between using a gooseneck and fifth-wheel hitch.

If your trailer’s gooseneck coupler height is adjustable, you can simply remove the inner tube by loosening the set screws or removing the pin(s).

But sometimes, in some cases you may have to do a bit of modification to your trailer. If your gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters doesn’t line up exactly with your trailer’s existing holes, it can cause some trouble.

After that, you can then slide in the adapter, which will replace just your trailers inner tube. The inner tube will have the king pin on it, so then all you have to do is tighten the set screws or reinsert the pin(s). This type of adapter comes in two versions: a standard 4″ square or standard 4″ round version.

Option #2: Adapter that Attaches to Fifth Wheel Hitch Rails in the Truck

If you don’t want to adapt the gooseneck trailer, another great option is to use a hitch adapter that fits in place of your existing 5th wheel trailer hitch.

These gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters install onto the above-bed fifth-wheel rails just like a fifth-wheel hitches, with a quick and simple pin-in installation. Some models even have an offset for use in short-bed trucks, which require more clearance. As long as you have industry-standard fifth-wheel rails, these adapters will work for you.

If you have below-bed rails, there may also be options available for you, depending on your system. These gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters install the same way as their fifth-wheel counterparts, by just dropping into place and locking into position.


Finding the best gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters can be a challenge, considering it’s a small piece of equipment and you have plenty of options. Remember your setup’s unique specifications and get accurate measurements, and you shouldn’t have any trouble.