Are 4.10 Gears Good For Daily Driving

Are 4.10 Gears Good For Daily Driving. I thought in the fuel mileage report thread you said you gained mpg. I'm honestly surprised you lost fuel mileage. 3000 rpm at 75 mph with an auto and 33's sounds.

I have a 2001 auto and i was wondering if 4. 10 were to much for daily driver. I was wondering what rpms would i be on the freeway crusing at 75 mph with 4. 10s. In this thread in.

Are 4.10 Gears Good For Daily Driving

Automatic or Manual Gears? | Drive 4 Life Academy

4.10 gear acceleration and review in a 2004 mach 1 mustang. 4.10 gears should be the first mod you do to your mustang! They increase acceleration, give you better passing power in final gear, and make the whole car more fun to drive! You sacrifice a small amount of gas mileage but the trade off is well worth it! Follow me on social media! Instagram: Codyjnick Snapchat: codyisawesome97. Are 4.10 Gears Good For Daily Driving

I am trying to decide if to get 4. 10 gears for daily driving or should i go with 3. 73s. What would be the average diff. In gas milage and what kind of top speed could i expect with. Everyone's suggesting 4. 10 and 4. 56 gears.

#9 · sep 27, 2009. If you have 3. 42 and go to 3. 73 it is a waste of time. There is not enough diff between the too for you to feel. There is only 200 rpms diff.


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In this video I showcase New Edge Mustang GT 4.10 Gears Review! Installing 4.10 Gears for your 99-04 Mustang GT will DRASTICALLY increase the acceleration and enjoyment of your SN95 Mustang GT! With these more aggressive gears your New Edge Mustang GT Exhaust will scream even louder! Worth every penny! Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to have a wonderful rest of your day! Follow Me on Instagram: Current Mods: BBK 78mm Throttle Body Trick Flow Cold Air…

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I am comparing the gear ratios 3.73 VS 4.10 in my single cab Silverado. The truck makes 355hp/369TQ, weighs about 4200lbs, and has a built transmission with a street/strip shift kit. The results were pretty impressive! Thanks for watching. GM Gear RPO Codes 1320 Dragy, Time Tracker Installing A Detroit Truetrac & A New Diff Cover In The Silverado Street Truck!

Daily driving with 4.10 gears in my 1999 Pontiac Firebird Formula. Most people think these gears are too low for daily driving, but I disagree and enjoy them. Especially with the 6 speed, 6th has more than enough interstate pulling power and still gets good MPG. #pontiac #firebird #formula #transam #ws6 #ls1 #lsx #hurst #chevy #v8 #firehawk #lsnation #lsorbust #worldwidelsowners #cam #texasspeed #compcams #k&n #magnaflow #red #ls2 #lstheworld #fast #ls3 #ls7 #billetspecialties #streetlites…

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In this video I show the difference between 3.73 gears and 4.10 gears at cruising speed in my 2004 coyote swapped new edge. Insta: Itsjusta2val follow the performance shop: @TunedbyNorm follow my barber Garret: @g_barbzz and @x.clusivebarbershop

Comparison of the stock 3.31 gears vs. 4.10 gears in the 2011 Mustang GT. This Coyote build is really starting to come along! Be sure to like and subscribe for more updates. We'll be getting it on the strip this week hopefully.

Why 4.10 Gears Are AWESOME! (Acceleration And Review)

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Although a 3. 73 is fine in an auto, but a 4. 10 in a manual would turn 1st into twitchy border line useless gear. In the off chance you autocross and cruise back roads like me. The 3. 55 is a.

Are 4.10 Gears Good For Daily Driving. Custom tuning by a qualified speed shop is normally a good fix for both of these issues. Switching from a gear set of 3. 55 or 3. 73 to 4. 10 gears will affect your gas mileage. 4. 10 gears wear on engine as a daily driver?

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