Are 4.10 And 4.11 Gears The Same

Are 4.10 And 4.11 Gears The Same. Like 4. 10/4. 11, 3. 54/3. 55 and 3. 73/3. 74. My 4. 88 gearing is actually 4. 88/4. 89. The reason is that the front and rear axles have different ring gear diameters and it is just easier to.

The only difference is the number of teeth on the ring and pinion gears. Here is some quick figures: These are all functionally interchangable, different manufacturers end up with slightly different ratios.

Are 4.10 And 4.11 Gears The Same

Compound Gears

We FINALLY put the lower gears in the Mamalona and it definitely was worth it. We showed an idea on how to install them and did some pulls! Thanks you stayed to the end Socials: @tylercollins77 @aiden_hill3 @Lil_ridgey_vert. Are 4.10 And 4.11 Gears The Same

The difference between 4. 10 vs 4. 11 is minuscule. The difference is as much as running one pair of tires at 10psi less than the other pair. The price difference is concerning. It is just two different ways to come up with something that is basically the same.

I just received my statement from drivetrain direct for my 4. 10 gears i ordered (haven't installed them yet). It said the dana 30 had a 4. 10 and the dana 35 was 4. 11. I guess the difference in tires and from inflation and deflation can be something like upto. 05 in gear ration difference. Are 4. 10 gears the same as 4. 11?

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I am comparing the gear ratios 3.73 VS 4.10 in my single cab Silverado. The truck makes 355hp/369TQ, weighs about 4200lbs, and has a built transmission with a street/strip shift kit. The results were pretty impressive! Thanks for watching. GM Gear RPO Codes 1320 Dragy, Time Tracker Installing A Detroit Truetrac & A New Diff Cover In The Silverado Street Truck!

Hey guys i hope this information helps yall. If yall are in the market for gears. Any questions ill be glad to answer them just leave them down below Thank for watching

We installed a Yukon Posi & 4.11 gears on the red step side. We accidentally picked up the wrong bearing kit at SPIKES so we had to make the trip out there to pick up the right ones. A big shoutout to Manuel for meeting us after hours to replace the bearing kit. Make sure to follow him on IG and check out his sick V gen truck! Congratulations to Gustavo Reyes for winning our giveaway! He chose the cash option so i transferred that to him. Thank you to everyone that participated in this…

Fox gets Aeromotive stealth 300 fuel pump and new 4.11 gears to replace the 2.73 granny gears in the 8.8 rear end. Music by :

4.10 gear acceleration and review in a 2004 mach 1 mustang. 4.10 gears should be the first mod you do to your mustang! They increase acceleration, give you better passing power in final gear, and make the whole car more fun to drive! You sacrifice a small amount of gas mileage but the trade off is well worth it! Follow me on social media! Instagram: Codyjnick Snapchat: codyisawesome97

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Silver Bullet gets 4.11 Gears Insane Difference!

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I assume but you know how thta goes. Some sites have them labled different and just wanted to check before i order. There are 4. 10's and 4. 11's.

Are 4.10 And 4.11 Gears The Same. 4. 10 has 10 teeth on the pinion and 41 teeth on the ring. 4. 11 has 9 teeth on the pinion and 37 teeth on the ring. I guess some people think there is.

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