Are 3.42 Gears Good For Racing

Are 3.42 Gears Good For Racing. Webthe 3. 42 gear ratio may be sufficient or insufficient depending on your needs. It is a good ratio if you are occasionally towing slightly heavier loads on flat ground areas. Web3. 42 gears 355 cubes 11. [email protected] 92 mph with a 1. 711 60ft on 275/60/15 kelly charger street tire. only suspension mod is 90/10 ce adjustable front shocks. so it ca.

If your camaro has the original rear end then you will have to replace the 2 series differential that you. Webit'll still be peppy enough i'm sure. 3. 42 gears would be good with an overdrive but push you into the 3k plus range at highway speeds with the th350.

Are 3.42 Gears Good For Racing


Hey guys i hope this information helps yall. If yall are in the market for gears. Any questions ill be glad to answer them just leave them down below Thank for watching. Are 3.42 Gears Good For Racing

Webhowever, if you do the math for a 3. 73 gear ratio things make more sense. With those gears rpms at 60 mph would be about 2892 rpms. Given convertor slip, 3000. Webthe 3. 42 gear is very popular and would work great for this.

Webhi been raceing 4 a good solid season with me camaro gettin it sorted need a answer in regards to which height tyre me combo is zz454 which makes around 530hp at. Webyep, single best mod. And yes, unless you really want to do some street racing, stay at 3. 42. You could live with 3. 73's, but i've heard a lot of auto guys don't like.

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The truck finally comes home!! It's time to finish breaking it in and see what it can do!! (I had to re-upload this video for some weird technical difficulties, thanks for letting me know about issue in the comments!!) Instagram – @youngchevytruck Email – [email protected]

I am comparing the gear ratios 3.73 VS 4.10 in my single cab Silverado. The truck makes 355hp/369TQ, weighs about 4200lbs, and has a built transmission with a street/strip shift kit. The results were pretty impressive! Thanks for watching. GM Gear RPO Codes 1320 Dragy, Time Tracker Installing A Detroit Truetrac & A New Diff Cover In The Silverado Street Truck!

What is the very best C5 Corvette performance mod? This video will discuss the best C5 corvette upgrade in detail. If you have a C5 Corvette with an automatic transmission then you know it is somewhat slow. It is a shame too because the C5 is light and has the powerful LS1 engine but GM left one ingredient out. I will identify the weak link preventing the C5 from being the performance street car it can be and tell you exactly what you need to do to fix it! Spoiler Alert: The 2.73 rear…

Ian shows you how to find the effective gear ratio on your vehicle when you upgrade to bigger tires with this equation on a PowerNation Extra tech tip. It can affect things like shift points in the transmission, engine RPM, and even acceleration from a dead stop since the tire now rotates a different number of times than a stock one. Stay tuned for more tech from PowerNation Extra. Websites: Facebook Pages: PowerNation – …

Finally got the new gearing installed and the results are quite impressive. The truck has the Flex Fuel 5.3L. It definitely has more get up and go plus I'm still getting around 14.7 MPG which is what it was at before. Performance upgrades: 2.25" Aluminized Steel Dual Exhaust Kit Flowmaster Super 40 Series Muffler Dual Inlets 2.50", Dual Outlets 2.50", K&N 77 Series Metal Intake Kit HP Tune (Done by a buddy of mine) Full video of the burnout…

The question I asked myself and could hardly find info on! and I get Pranked lol! When i was looking for trucks I wanted to know this information and I couldn't find any!!! Today I tell you all the ins and outs of 37's on stock 3.42 gearing!! Also i have a 6 speed manual! Not ideal but she works!! 30 Days of FREE Amazon PRIME!! : _ The Crew: Mike: Ben: Links: 30 Days of FREE Amazon PRIME!! : FOAM CANNON: …

3.42 vs 3.73 vs 4.10 Gears Racing Comparison

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Webyes, in 3rd gear, with 3. 91 gears assuming a 6200 redline. You're good till 168 in o/d 4th. Assuming you have the power.

Are 3.42 Gears Good For Racing. I think your calculaitons may be off. Webi run 3. 42 gears and i don't think i'd want anything else on the street. If you plan on racing more than cruising, a 3. 73 might be the way to go. but it won't change.

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