A Complete Guide to A Gooseneck Hitch

When we talk about trailer hitch, the first thing that comes to mind is the typical ball type hitch that is used quite commonly. While it is true that most people tend to make use of the ball hitch, it needs to be known that there are certain kinds of hauling that you would be unable to do with it. There is no denying that the ball hitch is quite strong. However, for certain types of hauling, no other hitch will work better than the gooseneck hitch, which is far stronger than the ball hitch.

Most people who face the need to haul animals tend to prefer gooseneck trailer hitches. The hitch needs to be placed in the truck bed, positioned above the rear axle, and the trailer is then secured to it.

Brief Introduction to a Gooseneck Hitch

A gooseneck hitch is a truck bed hitch that attaches with a gooseneck trailer using a hitch ball. The main body of the hitch in most cases mounts directly below the truck bed and mounting bolts upon the truck body by using brackets. Gooseneck hitches are commonly graded for towing up to 30,000 lbs. and are commonly utilized to tow animals trailers or livestock trailers.

You would not have to doubt the strength of the gooseneck hitch. It can handle as much as thirty thousand pounds of weight, thereby making it one of the strongest trailer hitches that you can hope to come across in the market.

Installing a Gooseneck Hitch

Gooseneck hitch ensure that the driver is able to make sharp turns with ease. This is due to the fact that the hitch is mounted to the middle of the truck instead of the rear of the vehicle, thereby making it easier to take turns while driving.

The Different Types of Installation

  • Above-Bed installation
    Above-Bed Gooseneck Hitches mount to the same rails as a Fifth Wheel Hitch. This type of Gooseneck Hitch can be easily removed and installed as needed.
  • Under-Bed installation
    Under-Bed Gooseneck Hitches are the most popular style of gooseneck on the market today. These hitches are custom fit to your specific vehicle and have rails that attach under the bed of the pickup to support the gooseneck head. Depending on the brand of hitch selected, the ball can be removed or lowered when not in use.
  • Fold Down installation
    Fold Down Gooseneck uses rails under the pickup bed but differs because the hitch ball itself is mounted on a plate in the bed. Unlike the under-bed hitch, it requires a much larger hole in the pickup bed for installation.

While installing the hitch, you might have to remove the truck bed so that the frame that will hold the ball in place can be installed. A bit of an extra time will go in the process, but you will find the whole exercise worthwhile. A hole might have to be drilled in the middle of the truck bed.

Most people tend to be reluctant about digging a hole in their truck, but if you wish to use a gooseneck hitch, this is not something that you can avoid. The ball of the hitch would need to rise above the truck bed so that anything can be fastened to it.

You might feel that the gooseneck hitch is a bit complicated and poses some difficulties during installation. However, you will find that the results make it worth every bit of effort.

Selecting the Best Gooseneck Hitch?

Listed below are the 5 best gooseneck hitch that you can consider while placing an order for it:

CURT 16055

CURT 16055

  • Above The Bed
  • 25,000 LBS
  • Carbide powder coating
  • Standard 2-5/16 inch gooseneck ball
  • 4 hitch pins

B&W Trailer Hitches 1111

B&W Trailer Hitches 1111

  • Under The Bed
  • 30,000 LBS
  • Powder coated
  • NO welding or removal of the truck bed
  • Kit includes
  • Requires a 4 inch hole for the ball

Draw-Tite Hide-A-Goose

Draw-Tite Hide-A-Goose

  • Under The Bed
  • 30,000 LBS
  • High strength chrome plated ball
  • Includes spring loaded safety chain loops
  • Only requires a 3-1/2 inch diameter hole
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Reese 58079

Reese 58079

  • Above The Bed
  • 25,000 LBS
  • Powder coated
  • Connects straight onto the base railss
  • Easily installed and removed

Husky 31368

Husky 31368

  • Above The Bed
  • 25,000 LBS
  • Fit various brand rails
  • Full access to the bed
  • Integrated safety chain
  • Includes pins for mounting
  • 5 year limited warranty

What to look for when buying a gooseneck hitch?

There are certain things that you will have to keep in mind while selecting the best gooseneck hitch.

For one thing, when you head to the market to purchase the product, you should be well aware of the kind of trailer that you have. This needs to be kept in mind because only a certain type can be attached to this hitch.

You need to ensure that your trailer has an area in the front that sticks out from the rest of the body.

Another important factor that needs to be taken into consideration is that of weight. While it is true that gooseneck hitch can handle a lot of load, you need to ensure that it would be able to perform the task to perfection. To do so, you need to find out the weight of the trailer when it is fully loaded and when it is empty.

You will also need to make it certain that the pickup you use is capable of bearing the weight.

While selecting the best gooseneck hitch, it is rather important that you think about the process of installation. There are some models that you will find to be a bit more complicated than the rest.

You might want to consider acquiring the assistance of a professional to take care of the installation. The model of the car and the make and brand of the hitch will have a role to play in deciding how complicated the process of installation is going to be.

It is quite important that the process of installation is done in the right manner. Everything needs to be perfect. Whether it is drilling a hole or securely bolting the hitch to the truck frame, care needs to be taken in all the steps, which is why you will find hiring a professional to be a better option.

Occasionally, to install a gooseneck check, there are some modifications that need to be made to the truck. One change that you will have to bring about has already been discussed, and that is the hole that needs to be drilled.

Which Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Suits You?

You will need to know what the towing capacity your car has and whether or not it will be able to accommodate gooseneck trailer hitches. It should also be able to accommodate your trailer that you intend to uses weight.

In order for you to make the right decision and be able to choose which hitch will suit your car you should adhere to a few guidelines. This will after all help you determine whether gooseneck trailer hitches are most suited to your needs.

You will have to determine what the gross weight of the trailer is you intend to tow and that basically means the total combination weight of the trailer and the load. Your vehicle’s manual should also be able to give you a solid idea of what trailer will suit you or alternatively you can go to gooseneck trailer hitch suppliers who will be able to tell you whether or not that hitch is compatible to your vehicle.

There is also the option of inter changeable hitches and hitch accessories that you can have a look at purchasing. This will increase your towing capabilities and you will have maximized towing options.

You should also keep a look out for alternative load hauling accessories if you are unable to find a trailer hitch that suits your specific needs. These various options give you a wide choice and enable you to make the proper decision for your requirements.

Always make sure that the gooseneck trailer hitches are properly attached to your truck. You should invest in having these hitches properly installed by professionals as in the end it will not only save you time and effort, while costing you just a few bucks extra, but it will also ensure that the trailer is properly attached to your vehicle or truck.

Towing can really be a hassle and it requires of you to have specialized skills in the driving process, especially when you’re hauling heavy cargo from one destination to the other. So choosing the correct hitch is imperative to prevent any nasty things from happening.

If you’re looking at transporting really heavy items of cargo you should also consider investing in a hitch hauler as these items are specifically designed for heavy loads. You can not be too careful when it comes to choosing the correct hitch for your transportation.

You must also always take care of having chains and chords on hand to fasten cargo securely or in the event of a hitch coming loose that you have suitable strong chains to temporarily fasten it back to your trailer until you are able to have it fixed properly.

In the end the main key factor to consider when purchasing a hitch is to keep in mind how much weight your trailer or vehicle can accommodate. It is that easy. Check online for some recommended hitch products.

You will be pleased to see that gooseneck trailer hitches are amongst the most popular and most versatile of hitch products and accessories.

Why a Gooseneck Hitch is a Better Option?

One of the biggest benefits that you stand to gain if you make use of the gooseneck trailer hitch is a stability. As the weight of the trailer is over the rear axle instead of being at the back of the frame, there are minimum chances of the trailer swaying. The increased stability also allows you to accommodate more weight.

You will find that gooseneck hitches have more room in them, and you will not be short of space for any cargo that you might want to haul.

Gooseneck trailers also offer you a tighter turning radius. You would be able to cut corners tighter as compared to the bumper pull, and it will allow you to maneuver the trailer in tight spaces with ease. Driving the trailer and handling it would become an easy task for you once you have had a bit of practice.

Gooseneck hitches have much more ability to bear heavy weight as compared to the other options out there. Therefore, if it is heavy equipment, cargo, or livestock that you want to haul, it is this hitch that you will find to be a suitable option.


There is no denying that a gooseneck hitch has a lot to offer. However, it needs to be remembered that it is large in size and thus, the pickup that you use must be strong enough to bear the weight. It is also advisable that you pay an adequate amount of attention to the brand and quality of the gooseneck hitch you purchase so that you would not have to replace it anytime soon.