6.0 To 7.3 Fan Clutch Conversion Kit

6.0 To 7.3 Fan Clutch Conversion Kit. I am looking at putting the 7. 3 fan clutch onto my 06 and when doing this you have to buy the adapter. Bulletproof diesel sells one for $73. 47. However, when looking on amazon, i.

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How to install 7.3 fan clutch conversion on your 6.0 powerstroke from bulletproof diesel LINK BELOW bulletproofdiesel.com/collections/ford-products/products/bulletproofdiesel-6-0l-to-7-3l-fan-clutch-adapter-6502213. 6.0 To 7.3 Fan Clutch Conversion Kit

Clutch kit, rxt street twin, 1. 125 in. Great idea wedge542 about getting the fan clutch at a bigger store for the warranty. If i confirm the fan clutch as being the culprit i'm going to go the 6. 0 to 7. 3. Why would you use the entire 7. 3fan, i understand the clutch, but the 6. 0 fan moves more air, a lot of guys put the 6. 0 fan on the 7. 3.

Agkits offers a wide selection of tractor parts for new and vintage farm tractors and is also a leading source for truck and heavy equipment engine parts. We offer one of the industry’s. In this video i give a very detailed how to on the installation of a diesel site water pump, bullet proof diesels 7. 3 fan clutch conversion, and a thermostat. 6. 0 / 7. 3 clutch fan conversion.

In this video I give a very detailed how to on the installation of a diesel site water pump, Bullet proof diesels 7.3 fan clutch conversion, and a thermostat. I explain how the system works and what to look for, as well as and most importantly how to install the parts! Diesel site water pump comes with a lifetime warranty and the mechanical 7.3 fan clutch conversion is very reliable! Hope everyone enjoys the video, please leave any questions in the comments! GET YOUR FAN CLUTCH AND ADAPTER…

Here is a quick video installing a new 7.3L fan clutch. Music Shocka252: youtube.com/user/livinproofsoldier #6.0powerstroke #Powerstrokeperformance #Fordexcursion #Ford6oh #Xoticperformanceheadstuds #Headstuds #Turbo #Diesel #Turbodiesel #Deleted #6ohpowerstroke #powerstroke #egrdelete #blacksmoke #dieselpower #xcursion #fordexcursion #6fourpowerstroke #xbuild #donjuan #xcursionbuild #newbuild

6.0 Powerstroke – Mechanical Fan Clutch Install – Step By Step Guide I wanted to install the mechanical fan clutch in our 05 f250 6.0 diesel powerstroke so I could be one step closer to being truly bulletproofed with the truck. So I made a step by step video on how I change out the fan clutch, take out the radiator, install new serpentine belts, check the water pump, and put in the new fan clutch….

Ford 6.0 Fan Clutch Blue Wire Mod How to control your electric fan clutch for less than ten dollars and 20 minutes of easy, stand-up work. No expensive, noisy, mileage-killing fan clutch swap needed. No check engine lights, just total control of your stock electric fan with the flip of a switch. And your PCM still controls the fan unless YOU want to override it. I can't believe I only now learned of this.

In this episode we get our friend of a friends truck back together. We find out the heads were warped on this 6.0 powerstroke. Plus the some very important information regarding the install of your 7.3 fan clutch conversion. Fixed these blown headgaskets. LIKE SHARE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM left_lane_cbull Keywords Race truck Rolling coal Built diesel Stanced out Cammed out Hood stack Straight piped Loud turbo Big turbo Twin turbo Loud exhaust Kc turbos Ported intake No…

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If you're going to replace one…might as well do the other! Our all-aluminum water pump won't develop impeller cracks like the stock plastic one. Available here: bulletproofdiesel.com/collections/bulletproof-water-pumps Installing a 7.3L fan clutch onto a 6.L Power Stroke is a snap with our BulletProof adapter!

HOW TO : 7.3 Fan clutch conversion for 6.0 powerstroke | BULLETPROOF DIESEL

Final Words

My fan clutch and/or wires have been soldered and fixed enough times that i am pretty sure the clutch was headed out so, threw on the 7. 3 clutch and adapter. All is good, it blows air out,. 5. 0 out of 5 stars 6. 0 to 7. 3 clutch fan conversion.

6.0 To 7.3 Fan Clutch Conversion Kit. Reviewed in the united states 🇺🇸. The 7. 3 clutch has no wires, electrical connectors, etc to go bad so its much simpler. The blue wire mod for the electric fan clutch basicially forces the clutch to lock up.

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