5.7 Hemi Blue Smoke At Startup

5.7 Hemi Blue Smoke At Startup. There was a (somewhat hokey imho) tsb for gcs with 5. 7's that involved a change to the windage tray and a change to some valve timing magic to avoid blue smoke on. Tsb for 5. 7l hemi with blue smoke at start up. Joined jul 15, 2013 · 429 posts.

Hey woodsy18, on my 2014 hemi overland i had the same blue smoke issue. I tried changing out the dipstick (twice!) and eventually i had jeep. The 5. 7l engine probably has some form of an air/oil separator, though it might not be called that, but.

5.7 Hemi Blue Smoke At Startup
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. 5.7 Hemi Blue Smoke At Startup

Discussion starter · #1 · oct 9,. I am a little concerned though. On occasion the car blue smokes on start up, the only issue is that it is totally inconsistent, sometimes ill do 10 start ups with nothing and then it. #8 · mar 25, 2019.

Joined apr 28, 2012. #20 · jun 30, 2012. 5. 7 blue smoke when starting. We have a 2012 with 6,500 miles on the 5. 7.

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Stop your car or truck from smoking on startup. If you are sick of watching that puff of smoke come out and feel a bit embarrassed when it happens then this is the video for you. Try it and see if you like the results. *********************************************** If you would like to help us out. paypal.me/YourSweetProjectCars *********************************************** TOOLS: Bar's Leaks amzn.to/2H0zlxw Gumout amzn.to/2H262P6 Marvel …

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In my last video, I notice a puff of blue smoke on the cold start of my Charger Scat Pack. I decided to check my oil, as well as do another cold start to see if i can duplicate the blue smoke. I might just have to take the car to the local dealer to get their input. Let me know what you guys think below! 392 Charger Scat Pack- Possible blown motor

WHY DODGE SMOKES BLUE FROM EXHAUST In this video we will show you what can cause a Dodge to smoke blue from the exhaust on a gasoline Dodge Engine. Seeing smoke from the exhaust of your car is very frustrating thing and you need to figure out what causes you car to smoke blue from the exhaust before you continue to drive so you can avoid more damage to the engine. We demonstrated on a Dodge engine the top reasons for blue smoke from the exhaust and what can cause that. This will apply to…

TOP 3 REASONS WHY CAR SMOKING BLUE, BLUE SMOKE FROM EXHAUST If you have a car that smokes from the exhaust blue smoke, white smoke or black smoke, in this video we will explain what causes that and how to eventually fix it. Your car may smoke different color of smoke out of the exhaust if there is something wrong with the engine or the exhaust system. We explain what causes white smoke out of the exhaust, black smoke out of the exhaust, and blue smoke out of the exhaust on a gasoline car but…

My 2014 Dodge Durango regularly blows blue smoke out the exhaust on start. Dodge has been unable to fix it. I have four other videos that I've posted. Dodge has had my vehicle for three weeks. This a Durango with a Hemi.

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2014 Ram – Blue smoke at start-up

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Our driveway does have a slope to. Dealer replaced oil pan to remedy smoking problem. The fuel injection cold start setting is rather rich.

5.7 Hemi Blue Smoke At Startup. Therfore the potential of unburned hc is rather high and often visible. Certain conditions, and a cold start or restart are two of. Pull the truck out of the garage in the morning, move it about 40 ft. , sits all day, then start up at the end of the day and get a puff of smoke.

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