4l80e Manual Valve Body Pros And Cons

4l80e Manual Valve Body Pros And Cons. Joined oct 8, 2000. #3 · mar 29, 2007. Last i looked, the 4l80e is fully computer controlled and shifting is handled by electronic solenoids.

P0731, p0732, p0733, p0734, p0751, p0756, p0894, p1870. If you don’t have the transmission yet, look for a 4l85e. It’s the modern equivalent of the th475.

4l80e Manual Valve Body Pros And Cons
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4l80e Manual Valve Body With Transbrake

Welcome to Curt's Corner, brought to you by Monster Transmission! In this video Curt goes over the difference between a forward valve body, and a reverse valve body. You will learn how a forward shift valve body operates and its potential catastrophic disadvantages. Then Curt will go over the advantages of a reverse shift valve body and why its an option you may want to consider. MONSTER'S Website: monstertransmission.com Give us a call at: 800-708-0087 Thumbs up the video and…. 4l80e Manual Valve Body Pros And Cons

At 8,000 pounds gross vehicle weight, the 4l80e’s. A regular 4l80e with decent rebuild and proper hydraulics will handle ~750 hp before hard parts are necessary. After that they require an input shaft and forward hub. 4l80e manual valve body install 4l80e manual valve body with transbrake diy 4l80e controller4l80e sequential shifter 4l80e manual valve body pros and cons.

It has the same straight cut planetaries. It’s is rated at 16,500lb, and up to 22,500. The 4l80e offers several significant advantages for a wide variety of applications. The 0. 75:1 overdrive ratio provides a significant reduction in cruising rpm which will help contribute to a.

4l80e reverse manual valve body

4l80e reverse manual valve body 4l80e Manual Valve Body Pros And Cons
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4l80e reverse manual valve body 4l80e Manual Valve Body Pros And Cons
from: www.qshe.fr
4l80e Manual Valve Body With Transbrake 4l80e Manual Valve Body Pros And Cons
from: chitownfitness.com
GM 4L80E Manual Valve Body W/ Pro Trans brake | eBay 4l80e Manual Valve Body Pros And Cons
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Forward vs reverse manual valve body 4l80e Manual Valve Body Pros And Cons
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PRI 2011: Hughes Performance Introduces New Pro Series 4L80E - Dragzine 4l80e Manual Valve Body Pros And Cons
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Novak Conversions shares our knowledge about the history, capabilities and possible jeep conversions with the 4L60E novak-adapt.com/ novak-adapt.com/knowledge/4l60e.htm novak-adapt.com/catalog/

In this video I build a 4L80E transmission for the E39 LS Swap. I bought this transmission for $100 to use in this project. I performed the "dual feed" modification for the direct clutch and installed a Sonnax no walk output shaft bushing, and rollerized the output carrier. This video is clips of an in depth, 7 part, complete overhaul video series.

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Forward vs Reverse Valve Body – Monster Transmission

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Fwiw, i've daily driven full manual valve bodies before and there's nothing hard about it. In fact, one of them was a big block chevelle and it had a reverse manual valve body. If the 4l80 controller does not know you have the shifter in manual 1 position and the controller tries to upshift to 2nd gear.

4l80e Manual Valve Body Pros And Cons. The 4l80 will smoke it's self while in 2 gears at once. #2 · nov 10, 2013. If it's a 4l65 then i'd just leave it stock valve body.

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