4.10 Gears For Silverado 1500 2wd

4.10 Gears For Silverado 1500 2wd. 4. 10's :imo you'd be stupid not to do 4. 10's. With 3. 73's you'd be wasting money to just put them in, they wouldnt offer big enough difference to warrant the cost/ effort to swap. 3. 73 and 4. 10 are the standard gears a 2. 2 came with, you would not ever want anything numerically lower behind a 2. 2.

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4.10 Gears For Silverado 1500 2wd
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1999-2006 Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra 1500 2WD 4" Front Spindle Lift Ki

I am comparing the gear ratios 3.73 VS 4.10 in my single cab Silverado. The truck makes 355hp/369TQ, weighs about 4200lbs, and has a built transmission with a street/strip shift kit. The results were pretty impressive! Thanks for watching. GM Gear RPO Codes differentials.com/gm-axle-ratio-identification-codes/ 1320 Dragy, Time Tracker 1320video.com/product/dragy-gps-performance-meter/ Installing A Detroit Truetrac & A New Diff Cover In The Silverado Street Truck! youtu.be/Gpm8zO2kf00. 4.10 Gears For Silverado 1500 2wd

3. 42's behind a 2. 2 would be horrendous, don't believe. Revolution gear sets are made from top quality 8620 steel and are precision heat treated to oem specifications, making for the best aftermarket gears available. All revolution ring and pinion. Get the best deals for silverado 4. 10 gears at ebay. com.

Skip to main content. Enter your search keyword. Hey man im running 3. 90's and love them i wanted a little more than 3. 73 and a little less than 4. 10. So i found some 3. 90's pretty much because i wanted a high top end still is.

Finally got the new gearing installed and the results are quite impressive. The truck has the Flex Fuel 5.3L. It definitely has more get up and go plus I'm still getting around 14.7 MPG which is what it was at before. Performance upgrades: TruckExhaustKits.com 2.25" Aluminized Steel Dual Exhaust Kit Ebay.com Flowmaster Super 40 Series Muffler Dual Inlets 2.50", Dual Outlets 2.50" AutoAnything.com, K&N 77 Series Metal Intake Kit HP Tune (Done by a buddy of mine) Full video of the burnout…

We installed a Yukon Posi & 4.11 gears on the red step side. We accidentally picked up the wrong bearing kit at SPIKES so we had to make the trip out there to pick up the right ones. A big shoutout to Manuel for meeting us after hours to replace the bearing kit. Make sure to follow him on IG and check out his sick V gen truck! Congratulations to Gustavo Reyes for winning our giveaway! He chose the cash option so i transferred that to him. Thank you to everyone that participated in this…

Short video of the gains we made from going from 3.23 to 4.10 gears, I think the truck has more in it as it sits, but it still has an 87 octane tune, that will be changed soon!

I go through the process of changing my 10 bolt rear end gear. Swapping for a 3.23 to a 4.10 gear ratio. Mainly to help it drive better with my 4L80e. 4:10 Ring and Pinion: amazon.com/gp/product/B003NZQ6CA/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B003NZQ6CA&linkCode=as2&tag=superstan-20&linkId=043321a8b65e37149db0258714f05fec Eaton TruTrac Locker Diff: …

We FINALLY put the lower gears in the Mamalona and it definitely was worth it. We showed an idea on how to install them and did some pulls! Thanks you stayed to the end Socials: @tylercollins77 @aiden_hill3 @Lil_ridgey_vert

A long overdue update on changes to my '16 Silverado. Yukon 4.10 gears were done, sold the 35" Toyo MT's and factory 22's and bought 22×12 -44 offset Fuel Tritons with 33" Toyo MT's, had to do the "norcal fender mod" due to the negative offset, did the full debadging over a couple months when I had time to sit down. Still tuned with Blackbear and have had them do numerous updates with the tires and gearing changes

3.73 VS 4.10 1/4Mi times, Gear Ratio Comparison, Cammed Silverado RCSB

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Hells angels sturgis, high cantle western saddle, medieval kingdoms 1212, cable network rankings, girlfriend called police on me, steelseries apex 7 oled pictures, kohler 27 hp voltage regulator,. The guys at topgear had to do the same, but after a little time, advised that it would cost around $1000 plus tax. ($250 for gears/$150 bearings/$75 seals/$50 fluid/ and.

4.10 Gears For Silverado 1500 2wd. I notice a lot of guys can get their trucks to 130+ so im wondering if the 4. 10s can handle that or if their changing them to 3. 73 or something else Find a used chevrolet silverado 1500 in flushing, ny. Truecar has 502 used chevrolet silverado 1500 models for sale in flushing, ny, including a chevrolet silverado 1500 lt with 1

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