3.08 Vs 3.42 Rear Axle Ratio

3.08 Vs 3.42 Rear Axle Ratio. Webin fact, the first gear final drive ratio is almost identical to an older truck with a four speed 4. 10 setup. As for comparing to my old truck (5. 3/3. 73/4a) my new one. With a 3. 08 (actually, with a 12bolt.

Webthe body shop was able to source an entire used rear end from lkq, but it has 3. 42 gearing vs the 3. 08 which my truck has. It seems to me like the best course of. Web3. 08's will yield 23. 5 mpg consistently with 255/50/17's best cruise.

3.08 Vs 3.42 Rear Axle Ratio
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Joined jul 30, 2010. Discussion starter · #1 · aug 3, 2010. I've found a few sierra's i like (2010 cc 4×4 w/5. 3) and all seem to have the 3. 08. Webfor 3. 08 vs 3. 42 for example this is 1470rpm in 3rd down to 985rpm in 4th @35mph for the 3. 08 and 1632rpm in 3rd down to 1094rpm in 4th @35mph for the 3. 42.

You will decidedly drop 3+ mpg with 3. 73's best cruise. Stop and go is less of a difference. 14. Webhello, can anyone give me some advice on choosing an axle ratio for a tahoe? The dealer info is vague.

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2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 Pickup REAR AXLE ASSEMBLY 3.08 RATIO LOCK | eBay 3.08 Vs 3.42 Rear Axle Ratio
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What gear ratio do I need for a lifted truck? That is the question we are answering in todays video! We explain what Gear Ratio's are, and which one is best for you! 3.73 gears are the most agressive gears you can get from the Ford Factory. Then you have 3.55 locking differential for that person who needs acceleraton and towing capability without messing up the Fuel Economy. Check out our merchandise! TCcustoms.com/merch alabamaford.com/Specialty-Vehicles.html?st=Price+asc …

Hey guys i hope this information helps yall. If yall are in the market for gears. Any questions ill be glad to answer them just leave them down below Thank for watching

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Differential Gearing Explained. This video covers the basics on how MOPAR Chrysler Plymouth rear differential gearing works, what the numbers and ratios mean, how to figure out what gearing you have by counting gear teeth, and the impacts of gearing changes. We also talk through how to calculate the theoretical top speed as a factor of drive gears as this is a critical component of selecting the right gearing for your car. Thanks for watching!

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I am comparing the gear ratios 3.73 VS 4.10 in my single cab Silverado. The truck makes 355hp/369TQ, weighs about 4200lbs, and has a built transmission with a street/strip shift kit. The results were pretty impressive! Thanks for watching. GM Gear RPO Codes differentials.com/gm-axle-ratio-identification-codes/ 1320 Dragy, Time Tracker 1320video.com/product/dragy-gps-performance-meter/ Installing A Detroit Truetrac & A New Diff Cover In The Silverado Street Truck! youtu.be/Gpm8zO2kf00

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Is there a big difference between a 3. 08 and. I am in the market for a new truck and have found 2 trucks at the dealership that i like. They are identical right down to the color except for.

3.08 Vs 3.42 Rear Axle Ratio. Web3. 08 is the amount of turns the driveshaft makes per one rotation of the axle. 3. 42 the same thing as you can see the driveshafts turns more per tire rev with the 3. 42. Webone is with a 3. 08 and the other is with a 3. 42 rear gear ratio.

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